Coronavirus Update

 January 3, 2022


Dear Members and Guests,

With Covid-19 and now the Omicron virus, we have every right to be concerned about our safety as we consider spending time in any public facility. It appears that we will all need to take precautions for some time to come.

Now more than ever, I owe it to you to recognize the challenges we face in working out in our studios.  Your wellbeing is a priority and together with the owner of the studio, I am committed to providing the exceptional wellness experience you deserve.

At this time, every possible precaution has been taken to make Flex Fusion Studios a safe place to work out.  The mask mandate for Santa Clara County is in effect, and I anticipate will be with us for some time. After nearly two years out of a studio, getting back to  an in-studio experience has been a request made by several students and guests who are eager to a return to somewhat of a “normal” life.

Here’s what has changed, and it may be a big deal for some. After researching what other fitness facilities are doing, consulting with legal counsel, and asking current students how they feel about coming into the new studio, most would feel safer if we have a required proof of vaccination before inviting anyone to practice in the studios.  Therefore, showing proof of vaccination remains my position in the studios across all classes offered.

I will update this page as changes unfold. Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. 

To your Qi and Vitality,

Louise La Fosse, Sensei

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