Our Leadership


Louise La Fosse

Owner & Founder of Movement Fantasque

Christophe Clarke

Shirfu and Mentor


World Class Trainer


Master Clarke’s true mastery lies in his ability as a trainer. He is gifted in his ability to help individuals reach a high level of martial arts and body awareness.  His belief in people’s abilities and motivational approach leads students to great achievement – as demonstrated by a record number of gold medals in competitions.


His approach is fun, light-hearted and educational.



Tai Chi and the “Clarke™ Method”


Master Clarke is one of the few practitioners in the US that understands and can execute Tai Chi as a true martial art.  He has been sharing his knowledge in martial art with people around the world for many decades. The teaching method he developed -- Clarke™ Method -- is clean, clear and precise and is unrivaled in terms of methodologies that get superb results.


Championships – Gold Medalist & World Champion


After winning the World Championship title and concluding his training tour in Russia, he retired from competition to dedicate himself to educating others on the mental, spiritual and emotional lifestyle changes needed to experience rejuvenation and achieve great levels of achievement.