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Tai Chi in Nature            Practice in the Park

Everyone is welcome!

For date & location of our next "Tai Chi Practice in Nature",
click on the Calendar tab or call 408-896-1099 for details.  
Bring your family & friends. Come join us!

Perfect Spot #1

The Rose Garden
San Jose


Campbell / West San Jose

  • 3. San Tomas Park

San Jose

  • 1.  The Rose Garden


Santa Clara

  • 2.  Maywood Park



This beautiful natural environment is the perfect place to practice Tai Chi.  There is a hill that overlooks the entire garden and is inspiring to view and as a place to feel the earth and beauty around you as you practice. 

Perfect Spot #2

Maywood Park 
Santa Clara

Maywood Park is a neighborhood park with a children’s play area, sand pit, tennis courts, picnic areas (with BBQ pits), restrooms and a tree covered multi-use area. 


Perfect for one-on-one Tai Chi lessons or group classes.  This is a great place for a family Tai Chi class combined with a BBQ or picnic.

Perfect Spot #3

San Tomas Park
Valerie Drive & Eva Court, San Jose, CA, 95008
(bordering both West San Jose & Campbell
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