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Group Classes
In Studio

            Thursdays     7:30-8:25pm (55 min)
          Tuesdays       7:30-8:25pm (55 min)


Group Class Fee: 
           $33/individual class 
           $85/month for 1x/week 
           $135/month for 2x/week

Discount for bi-monthly pre-paid class fee.

Private Classes
Rates depend on whether private classes are taught in studio or on private premises.

In the Par
k*       Student practice sessions at a local park.

*Please call to reserve a spot in your first class. 

Group Classes for Medical Professionals*
Private classes for doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors and special medical interest groups are offered by special arrangement.  The purpose is to share the experience that a potential patient might have if taking a class after illness or post-surgery or while being treated for a medical condition.

*Please call for private instruction information offered to small groups of medical professionals.


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