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Clients share their experience...

"I feel the spirit of Tai Chi from this teacher..."


I am proud of being  Ms. Louise La Fosse's first Chinese student and I really enjoy practicing Tai Chi with her every week. I really feel the spirit of Tai Chi from this teacher who loves Tai Chi and sincerely conducts her teaching by all her efforts.  Tai Chi is one kind of Martial Arts with moving meditation;  it makes your body stronger and more flexible, improves your ability to breathe deeply, which benefits people’s health. I did improve my skills with its aspects: as a moving meditation, hand -push and body flexibility.  If you want to find a good exercise to practice which makes your body strong, improve your breath and built up self-defense skills, Tai Chi is a good choice.


                                                                               Jennifer Lan

"Powerful movement I craved to practice..."


It is with great appreciation and a heartfelt gratitude that I share my experiences having a great instructor such as Louise La Fosse. We met in January of 2013 as I saw Tai Chi being offered to benefit one’s health and energy and came into a free seminar to watch Louise and the guest instructor Christophe Clarke. The movements were so relaxing and calming, yet watching them move seemed to stimulate a part of me which felt like a natural forgotten expression; my mind and body craved to practice. I signed up to return the next week knowing that a shift happened for me and I wanted to know and do more.


Throughout the months Louise has introduced powerful movement into my life, my awareness, confidence, balance and peaceful thoughts have manifested into making physical changes in the daily choices of my life. She has extended her hand in great friendship and mentorship, truly always connecting to each person as they join her class. She is bright, works hard with dazzling Tai-Chi movements and in each class she helps me refine and interpret my movement to become more fluid in the flow and it truly works!


It was an amazing experience that was set into motion within meeting and learning from Louise La Fosse. She has a teaching method which progressively reiterates the lesson of releasing energy and gaining energy, taking the time to call out proper names and movement of each step and allows the class to express aloud and provide a space of showmanship to lead the moves collectively. This practice in itself allowed me to interpret what I was doing to remember and later practice on my own in order to share this uplifting powerful movement of Tai-Chi to others.


I am grateful to know and keep coming back to learn more, all the while inviting others to join me on the journey provided by Louise and her dedication to making others more healthy, balanced, confident and connected.


                                                                     Apriel Coffey



"She made a great impact on our residents..."


Louise’s Tai Chi classes have made a great impact on our residents.  Her calm and professional attitude has won the hearts of the residents.  During her classes, she is very patient and provides excellent instruction.  The residents cannot wait for Tai Chi classes every week.  Louise has taken initiative to understand our residents and has modified the class so everyone feels welcome.  Her positive attitude is very contagious and we appreciate her skills and talent.  I would recommend this class to many.


Radhika Singh, Activities Program Coordinator, Belmont Village of San Jose


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