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Origin of "Fantasque"

Why the word “FANTASQUE” ?


Over the past several centuries, the word “Fantasque” was used in a variety of places, from military to music, from dance to gothic literature and even to a famous perfume.  The word has both light and dark sides to it. The word “Fantasque” denotes bizarre, extraordinaire, full of fantasy and originality; unpredictable; whimsical; magical; fanciful; freedom of inspiration, full of humor and lightness.  It also denotes fantasies outside of established rules.


We chose the name "Movement Fantasque" as movement that affects body, mind, spirit and emotion in these particular types of movement have the potential for the qualities and attributes associated with the word "Fantasque."  Practitioners at "Movement Fantasque" are imbued with a sense of the "Fantasque!"



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