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Instructors:  Sensei Louise La Fosse - Director


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Tai Chi

Passionate about how movement liberates the spirit with joy and confidence, she is taking her combined knowledge of martial arts and dance movement to the study and practice of Tai Chi.   


Martial Arts

Sensei La Fosse began her studies of Kenpo Karate in 1969. She was awarded the rank of Shodan ( Black Belt) by the United States National Kenpo Karate Association and  (USNKA) in 1973, having achieved this rank faster than anyone in the history of the school.  She derives her inspiration from her very first instructors, Mr. Jeff Williams and Mr. Rod Martin who provided several thousand hours of instruction and coached her to achieve success at every tournament. She was subsequently awarded the Shodan certification by the Stanford University Kenpo Association.


An avid competitor, practicing seven days a week,  she has been an international gold medalist in the areas of kumite, weapons and hard/soft katas. She was the first female referee in California state championships in the early 1970’s. She taught Kenpo in a studio in the San Francisco Bay Area and was an instructor of self-defense at Monterey Peninsula College. She is an instructor with the Stanford University Kenpo Association. When not teaching at the studio, she gives private Tai Chi instruction to high profile executives and also teaches at senior residential homes.



Ms. La Fosse studied ballet with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, San Francisco Ballet, Western Theatre Ballet and Russian method Ballet & East Indian Character Dance where she performed with Ballet Fantasque of Monterey.  She  also studied and performed ballroom, jazz and theater arts dance competition at various venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.