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Tai Chi is Meaningful and Unifying

A Place for Families, Friends and Making New Friends

Tai Chi Practice Provides Graceful Self-Expression -- Defy the Aging Process

Tai Chi brings out your Powerful Potential - Witness Your Own Transformation

"I feel the spirit of Tai Chi from this teacher..."


I am proud of being  Ms. Louise La Fosse's first Chinese student and I really enjoy practicing Tai Chi with her every week. I really feel the spirit of Tai Chi from this teacher who loves Tai Chi and sincerely conducts her teaching by all her efforts.  Tai Chi is one kind of Martial Arts with moving meditation;  it makes your body stronger and more flexible, improves your ability to breathe deeply, which benefits people’s health. I did improve my skills with its aspects: as a moving meditation, hand -push and body flexibility.  If you want to find a good exercise to practice which makes your body strong, improve your breath and built up self-defense skills, Tai Chi is a good choice.


                                                        Jennifer Lan

At "Movement Fantasque", our goal is to provide clear steps to the understanding of Tai Chi and in a language you will understand -- English. 


Learn how to achieve longevity and rejuvenation through internal healing.  

Combat your stress and increase your energy, flexibility and lightness of being, all in a series of lyrical moves to inspiring music.


Have some fun!  

Physical Benefits

Countless research foundations, clinics and universities, including The American Association for Aging Research, Harvard, Stanfard and Oxford Universities and others rave about Tai Chi's ability to help to:


  • Relieve stress

  • Help prevent falls 

  • Enhance the immune system

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Ease osteoarthritis pain

  • Increase energy

  • Be of lighter spirit and have fun!

Mental Benefits

Staying focused on your movements and your breath keeps you in the moment. This is very helpful for people who suffer from ongoing stress assaults to the nervous system, and well as obsessive thoughts stemming from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) from war or personal abandonment. This “mental vacation” from your problems gives relief from the stress hormones flooding the body.  Tai Chi helps:


  • Improve cognitive performance

  • Relieve depression and anxiety

  • Reduce stress

Social Benefits

Practice at Movement Fantasque provides a journey of self-discovery, enjoyment and satisfaction in an attentive and supportive environment.  Our friendly, comfortable studio is a welcoming place for you tenjoy the path to greater health while having fun with a wonderful community of  men, women and teens.



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