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By opening the spinal gates, you can increase your overall energy and immune system. This course will  empower you to strengthen your central nervous system and respiratory system, giving you the strength to fight COVID-19.

Day:                                 Sunday

Course Format:                   In Person

Location:                            University of East-West Medicine -

                                        595 Lawrence Expressway, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Duration:                            5 weeks

Date(s):                              January - February (Dates TBD)

Time:                                 TBD (1 hour)

Refund Policy:                     There are no refunds

Tuition:                              $149

Language:                         English and Mandarin

Instructor(s):                       Dr.Ying Qu Wang, Western MD, DAOM

                                       (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine , LAC,

                                       Founder and Professor of University of East-West Medicine

Class Size Limit:                 40 participants

Class Recording Available:   No

No medical background is required; however, this course is based on developing an understanding of the spine and includes homework focused on physical Qi Gong practice.

Top Benefits of Medical Qi Gong Practice

  • Stronger Immune System

  • More Energy

  • Healthy Organs and Circulation

  • Reduce Pain, especially Back Pain

  • Better Sleep

  • Reduce & Manage Stress

This course covers the following:

1.    Preparing the Mind for Success – How your vision and imagination play a key role.  Connecting to the Universe.

2.    A brief overview of the human spine and three gates

3.    Traditional Chinese Medicine view of the spine and how the three gates affect the strength of your health

4.    Qi Gong Practice -- Opening the Gates – Live Participation

Section 1:  Standing Meditation

Section 2:  Opening the lower, middle and upper gates of the spine

Section 3:  Opening the 3 spinal gates Opening the side gates

Section 4:  Dragon Flying - Opening the 3 directional gates

For information about this class, please send email to:

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